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Contactless Delivery

March 22, 2020

Contactless Delivery-Les Gastronomes

We want to reassure you that we are highly responsible for our customers' safety, and we take the current global situation very seriously. Though we will miss being in contact with you, we decided to implement a new safety measure:

CONTACTLESS DELIVERY - a member of 'LES GASTRONOMES' wearing Mask and Gloves will deliver your order to your door in Thermal Insulated box. We will ring your door bell and leave the box at your door step.

Please note cash/card payment options are unavailable for health and safety reasons. Kindly arrange your payment online before the expected delivery time to avoid any delay and inconvenience. If you have already completed your payment, we thank you for your cooperation. Minimum order value is AED 250,-

When you use our service, keep in mind the following:

✔️We maintain extremely high hygienic standards - not only now, but always.

✔️We use gloves and masks while we pack the orders and deliver them - you are the first one who comes into contact with your food!

✔️All the surfaces, and tools used in our storehouse are continually sanitized and disinfected.

✔️None of Les Gastronomes team members or direct relatives have traveled outside the UAE for at least the past 1 month.

✔️To reduce exposure, for the past 3 weeks we have pulled out from any events or gatherings avoiding crowded places.

✔️Kids have been isolated from any play dates or activity with the objective to reduce contamination risk, and our staff is avoiding any unnecessary exposure with other parties.

✔️Our suppliers have implemented necessary precautionary measures with strict training and control measures.

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