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How to choose your poultry for Christmas?

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There multiple poultries suitable for Christmas, ‚ÄėLes Gastronomes‚Äô team would like to guide you : from quail, guinea fowl, Bresse chicken, capon, goose or Turkey? everything is a question of distinction. So, let's go all to best prepare your table of holidays!


The Goose

Luxury dishes, we propose a frozen version which is readily available to prepare for Christmas. Bought whole and empty, Whole, goose is usually eaten stuffed and roasted.

For¬†baking¬†a stuffed turkey, allow half an hour per kilogram of meat at 160 ¬įC (thermostat 5). Alain Ducasse recommends the Goose Stuffed with Apple, Chestnuts & pan-fried pears.

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The Turkey

It is the female of the turkey. Less tasty and drier than chicken, it is also lighter and can be eaten all year round, its breeding having become largely industrialized. The best come from France as they Free Range. Usually available frozen, we do have some Fresh Turkeys for Christmas. Their quality reflects with a soft chest, which must be flexible and plump.

Bought plucked, We do recommend to choose a turkey that is too voluminous because beyond 5 kf, its flesh loses flavor and tenderness. For optimal flavor, prefer a farm turkey and count between 250 and 300 grams per head and for cooking: bake for 20 minutes per kg. To prevent the flesh from becoming too dry, you can barder it (surround it with a slice of bacon) before putting it in the oven, and to make it golden brown, brush it with butter.

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The Capon

This is the name given to the castered male chicken. It is usually sold "ready to cook" or whole empty. Due to its castration, the capon does not develop a crest. A 3.5 kg poultry will delight eight people. Our French sourced Capon guarantees properly castrated poultry, raised outdoors.

Once at home, the capon must be taken out of its packaging and rolled in a clean cloth. Placed in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours, its flesh relaxes and gains tenderness.

Remove the capon from the refrigerator at least one hour before cooking begins. You can poach it before roasting it. Allow 50 minutes of cooking for a one-kilogram capon, which must be regularly sprinkled with its juice.

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The Duck

Another Luxurious dishes, we propose a frozen version which is readily available to prepare for Christmas. Bought whole and empty, Whole, duck is usually eaten stuffed and roasted.

For baking a stuffed duck, allow half an hour per kilogram of meat at 160 ¬įC (thermostat 5). Duck marries well with cranberries, orangers

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They are rather economical and superb on the plate, served in individual portions. Another good point: they cook fast. Allow an average of 45 minutes of cooking. To prepare them, rely on simplicity, for example with a very refined recipe for quail stuffed with grapes, or prepare a stuffing made from poultry liver mousse and chestnut. The tip: clad the quails with bacon before cooking them, it will bring an extra taste! 

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For a beautiful room, count at least two kilograms. For preparation and cooking, guinea fowl is very similar to turkey or capon. A beautiful traditional stuffing (sausage meat, offal, bread soaked in milk, shallots, bouquet garni, cognac...) and a conscientious watering of the beast during cooking will make your poultry a real festive dish.


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