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Cooked Langouste - Rock Lobster 600g to 800g

It lives mainly at night in rocky depths up to 150 m. Its elongated body is extended by long thorny antennae. We only eat the tail of the rock lobster, but it is important to keep its shell, legs, head and thorax that we transform into sauce or broth. The rock lobster has a much finer flesh than that of other lobsters (those from Cuba for example). Rather, it lives at night when it feeds on algae, molluscs and the flesh of dead fish, which provide it with all the elements it needs to build its shell.

The different varieties of lobster:
Red, it comes from Europe, the Atlantic coasts and the Mediterranean. It is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare and is fished from May to October. It can measure 50 cm and weigh up to 4 kg.
White, she comes from Cuba and the Caribbean in general. Misnamed, its shell is rather brown-green.
Pink, she comes from Mauritania and Portugal. Its shell is really pink. Finally, the Cape lobster has a brown shell.