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Angus Tenderloin Tasting

How many times have you said today I feel like dark chocolate or milk chocolate, an espresso or a cappuccino? Cigar aficionados have a cigar for every mood!

We do as well, we have meet for every moment, every mood.

But it always starts, with an experience. a simple yet very rich experience we at 'LES GASTRONOMES' we share with our 2 Little Gastronomes.

It's a game, where each of us discover his preferred steak of the day. While preparing this experience for you, we selected 4 different Filet Mignons, different marbling, different breed and different diets. 

They were all cooked in the same way and served together. they were color coded. Each one of us had a quarter steak of each, so the game starts tasting back and forth between the different steaks, taking notes about texture, flavor character and so on. 

Outcome: great fun and a winner the one we all prefer. 

How about you try this with friends or family. 

5 Tenderloin Steaks, All Angus, Marble Score from Organic Grass Fed, MB 1 to MB3+ 

Colour coded for differentiation and the content will be in a sealed envelop to open once you have completed the tasting.