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Striploin Experience Pack

One pack has it all: From Grass Fed to Wagyu!

Navigating across these meats you will discover a world of differences. But there are always 2 main judging visual criterias: fat and meat colours, which are impacted by cattle race and the followed diet. 

Steak Tasting Experience - by Les Gastronomes can bring that to you.
STE is a selection of 4 to 5 steaks which are completely different. 
We usually provide 1 cut - Sirloin - which is the only cut that delivers consistent taste throughout the steak.

Our selection includes range from Argentinian Grass-Fed Beef all the Way to Highly Marbled Wagyu.
Or we can do an Angus Only or a Wagyu Only Tasting. 

How it works?
By Ordering the STE we will deliver to you a selection of steaks.
You will then need to taste these steaks preferably with your friends in order to share the fun.
Score your steaks as per the following: Colour, Texture, Marbling, Juiciness, Flavour & Preferance

Want to do a Blind tasting at home?? Just let us know when you order so we can prepare that for you

1 Pack of 4 Striploin