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Mazara Gambero Rosso, Red Prawns

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The Mazara Red prawns take their name from the little town of Mazara del Vallo on the South-Western coast of Sicily. It is the only fishing fleet equipped with the technology to catch this type of prawn in deep waters, where it lives about 700 meters deep.

The Mazara red prawns are wild and cannot be farmed as this species is caught using trawler fishing nets to reach the deep muddy sea beds of its habitat.

After being fished, they are carefully selected and flash frozen on board the ship at -50C. This preserves their nutritional properties, consistency and taste unaltered. You can pick up the flash-frozen prawns individually and defrost them in cold water in just a few minutes. The rest can be kept in your freezer without any impact on the genuineness of the product.

The Mazara red prawns can be served raw at a temperature of 15C, as is, as a tartare or a carpaccio. If you wish to cook them, you can boil, pan fry or grill them, just note that they shouldn't be cooked for longer than 40/50 seconds on either side. 

Comes in pack of +/- 1kg - Frozen