Arctic Char - Omble Chevalier - 600g to 800G

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Arctic Char / Omble Chevalier , is a freshwater fish. It is found especially in mountain lakes where the waters are cold. Her skin is grey and spotted on the sides while she takes on an orange complexion in the abdomen. Arctic char belong to the same family as salmon and trout and are known for their tasty and delicate pink flesh.

It is an oily fish. As such, it is rich in omega-3, fatty acids beneficial for good cardiovascular health. In addition, it is a good source of phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins A and D.1

Arctic char can be cooked in several ways. It can be cooked in the court-bouillon, grilled in a pan or barbecue and cooked whole in the oven..

It can be accommodated with spices and spices before placing it in papillotes. Finally, like its cousin salmon, Arctic char can be enjoyed in tartar, smoked, terrine or in the form of rillettes.

Sold per fish with an average size of ±700g (600g to 800g)

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