Beef Tenderloin Grass Fed - New Zealand ±2kgs

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Beef Fillet, is without a doubt the most tender cut of meat a cow has to offer. And in high-end restaurants it is one of the most esteemed cuts ordered by diners.

We know why everyone wants Fillet! But do you know that there is a big difference between different beef fillets? The difference comes from the breed, the feeding program and many other factors.

Why this Beef Fillet? 
We recommend this cut as it very versatile, it is lean, provides great tenderness and doesn’t express too much of flavors. 
We recommend you to consumer this meat with the entrecôte sauce. 
It is simply incredible! 

How to prepare? 

Take the tenderloin out of the fridge ±30min prior to cooking. 
Season your meat with salt and let it rest. 
In a hot pan seize your tenderloin from all side.
Then insert in a pre-heated oven 180 degrees for 20 minutes 
Put on a hot platter, added the Entrecôte Sauce and serve. 

Weight ±2kgs
Preparation Whole Cleaned

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