Belberry Raspberry Jam 880g

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Belberry Raspberry Jam

The Belberry Raspberry Jam is made from 55% high quality fruits and the finest granulated sugars. Belberry is one of the best known and consumed gourmet jam brands today. To discover its origin we have to go back to 1956, when a craftsman began to make jam for the inhabitants of a small town in Belgium. Such was the success of this jam, that the son of that craftsman decided to carry his jams beyond the Belgian borders, becoming today one of the best valued marmalade brands.

The raspberry marmalade Belberry has an intense color and a pleasant aroma due to its process of craftsmanship. Belberry is aware that nothing can compete with the quality of a homemade marmalade, which is why it supervises first hand from the quality of the fruit in the tree until its conversion into a real sweet luxury for the palate.

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