Black Onyx Angus - Rump

Black Onyx Angus

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Sourced from West Australia (New South Wales), Black Onyx Is 100% Black Angus, 270+ days grain fed, has a hearty rich flavour, exquisitely fine marbling (a marble score of 3+), and a tender juiciness.

 he rump steak is a traditional pub favourite and has a great mix of texture and rich flavours. It is made up of several different muscles, some meltingly tender and some with a satisfying chew.

How can I use the Rump?
There are several preparations which can be done using the RUMP.
Picanha Steaks - Tender when cut across the grain & tastier than your regular New York Strip.
Rump Steaks - Satisfying chew when cooked medium rare this is your Bistro steak by Excellence.
Rump Roast - Instead of using a tenderloin deliver more flavours with a rump.
Kebab Skewers - Just season your meat and leave your guest speechless.


Cooking Tips


Type: Angus Beef

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