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Black Summer Truffle from Europe


Fresh Black Winter Truffles.Tuber Melanosporum Vit.

This species of truffle is not nearly as rare and does not have the same leave of flavour or aroma. They are found in areas of France, Italy and Spain and their abundance compared to white or black winter also makes them less expensive. 

People who are used to eating black winter truffles tend to complain about their lack of flavour. It’s true that they have a less pungent aroma or taste, however when used with a truffle oil or butter, then can make an amazing ingredient. Also often used on a pasta or risotto, pizza, shaved in at the very end.

Appearance: Black on the outside, white on the inside.

Quantity for portion can vary between 3 to 5g.

Product life: 1 to 2 weeks, kept into a refrigerator at 3ºC, and wrap in a paper towel.

Note: We can’t be specific about weight as this is 100% natural product.

Pricing: Market Price - Prices are fixed every week and would vary depending on seasonality