King Size Mullet Botttarga - Maison Dehesa

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Trendy Product on the Starred Tables, The Bottarga is made from Mulet Egg pockets. Dehesa Bottarga is made without beeswax. This new Caviar from the Sea, Maison Dehesa reinvents it to offer it a surprising texture of candied fruit paste and iodized notes. 

King Size Mulet Poutargue - 2 months drying
Surprising texture of candied fruit paste. Ultra iodine notes with a slight bitterness. To be enjoyed in thin strips.

Traceability: Coming from fishing in the Mediterranean, our responsible fishermen focus on catch areas with pure waters and patiently wait for females to reach full maturity, in order to obtain "King Size" eggs.
Integrated production method: Their size allows us to obtain a poutargue with a smoother texture, close to candied fruit, and bitter and iodine sweet notes.
100% original: Thanks to our slow-maturation process, we offer you to choose your texture and aromatic palette adapted to your taste.
No preservatives or additives and GMOs.
Ingredients: Mulet eggs, Salt
Allergens: fish

Remove the poutargue from its packaging 30 min before serving. The poutargue can be tasted cut or grated into thin slices. It is not cooked (at least not in French/southern gastronomy), and is added to the dish when serving.
There are two ways to taste the poutargue, "plain": just sliced and served on a toast of toast and buttered or "cooked": added to the dish after dressing.

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