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Burgundy Truffles - tuber uncinatum 30g

Fresh Black Winter Truffles

September- December 

The Burgundy truffle has a dark rough skin with large, diamond-shaped points, and light coffee-colored flesh veined with white. Burgundy truffles have a delicate, hazelnut-like aroma; they are not robustly flavored like the black winter truffle. Foraged in France and Italy.

Truffle Size:We offer them in 30g and 50g (if you require a bigger size please drop us a message. Product weight will vary and we will adjust your final invoice accordingly.

Product life: 1 to 2 weeks, kept into a refrigerator at 3ºC, and wrap in a paper towel.
For best results consume with 2 to 3 days.

Pricing: Market Price - Prices vary every week and would vary depending on seasonality. product price is indicative.

We will try to match as much as possible the target weight and final price will be adjusted accordingly.