Cedrat Lemons from Amalfi

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The Cedrat gives a unique taste to your favorite recipes.
The Cedrat is a citrus fruit, the fruit of the cedrat tree, resembling a large dented lemon. Originally from the Himalayas and Indochina, it is now grown around the Mediterranean, especially in Greece, Italy and Corsica for France. The pulp is reduced and not very juicy, it is especially the very thick bark that interests us.

One of the most common uses of this citrus fruit is the manufacture of candied citrons that can be integrated into a cake or brioche. Its acidity is also sought after for the production of jams and fruit pastes.

Recipe Ideas for the cedrat: 
Carpaccio of cédrat with mozzarella and hazelnut pesto. (important Cedrat would require to be sliced thinly using a mandoline).
Carpaccio of cedrat with smoked salmon, butter and sourdough bread.
Cedrat confit which gets incorporated into cakes or as a marmelade. 

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Source: Almafi Italy.

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