Chocolate box 24 pieces

Les Gastronomes

This box includes 24 chocolates made with the finest Swiss Chocolate.

Different ranges of flavour:
- ChocolaTe: The most contemporary, lightest chocolate created with less than half the calories of the other ranges! Also the dark ones are free of milk products. The Tea expression is beautifully elegant, dreamy and so simple…
- Gold Line: Most exclusive hand crafted chocolates, passionately nurtured over three days, left to rest for another few days before being enabled to travel! Each flavor was created from a memory, a story, a flash of creativity! The Gold Line is only made with natural products, no flavour enhancers.
- Pralines & Gianduja
- Rose Truffles
- Assorted Truffles

Vegan/lactose free/gluten free

Type: Chocolate

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