Fraise des Bois, Woodland Strawberries - 100g

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The wild strawberry, this wild strawberry, has always grown spontaneously all over the planet. And she continues to do so. The wild strawberry is the ancestor of all modern strawberries after Fragaria vesca, the wild strawberry, was crossed, hybridized hundreds of times. Smaller than strawberries, wild strawberries are also more fragrant, especially wild ones. Several varieties have been developed for its cultivation which give slightly larger and less fragrant fruits.


Too fragile, wild strawberries do not wash off, even quickly. Grown above ground or in the ground on a thick layer of straw, they are never earthy. And in principle picked up with gloved hands. They balance with care.


We taste the wild strawberries eaten as they are, plain, sweet or not. They can be used instead of other strawberries in cakes, sweet pies, charlottes or clafoutis, ice creams and sorbets, jams, jellies

Sold per 100g
Country of Origin: France


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