Frecinette Banana


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Banana Frecinette. with Soft Flesh

The fricinette banana does not measure more than 10 cm hence its nickname "dwarf banana". However, with its melting, soft and very sweet flesh reminiscent of figs, it concentrates in its small format all the flavors found in a classic banana. Ideal for delectable plain, it can also be enjoyed in fruit salads, flambée, donuts, pies or cakes, but also in the form of ice cream, smoothies and milkshakes.

We have a bite to eat and the children love it! The frĂ©cinette is the ideal snack for young and old! It’s perfect to eat any time of the day to fuel up. But you can also cook it if you want!

Sourced from Colombia
Sold per pack of 4 bananas ±250g to ±350g

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