Geay Oysters -Bastille Day - 4 pieces x 3 types (12 total)


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This is a box containing 3 types of oysters of 4 pieces each. 
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Oysters "Fine de Claire" The little oyster of the GEAY family.
I am the pioneer of the family. I had the pleasure of knowing all the descendants of the GEAY lineage. On the water and at the rhythm of the tides, I grow and grow for at least 30 months to reach my adult height. I am then deposited at the bottom of a clear, to refine myself, between 15 and 28 days thus filtering all the riches of this terroir.

With light and lively flavors, I delight the taste buds of my guests with my iodized freshness and finesse of flesh. My little hazelnut taste makes me a must-have for convivial meals.

Oysters "l'Ultime" The noble of the clear.

An exclusive oyster. Raised on the GEAY family parks for at least 30 months, I will really become exceptional during the last stage of my breeding. Indeed, I bear my name rather well: I will push, grow and grow during my final stage in clear. The GEAY family drops me off at the bottom of them for at least 120 days. In addition, we are only 3 oysters per square meter in order to be able to enrich ourselves as much as possible with this lush terroir.

I will therefore experience real growth in these clears where I will develop in a calm and privileged environment. This gives me fabulously soft and fine flesh while being very fleshy. Delicately iodized, I express beautiful aromas of marshes. I am the favorite of experts in search of culinary novelty.


Oysters “La Speciale Geay”, The queen of parks, the darling of the GEAY.
Resulting from a rigorous selection, I have attracted all the benevolence of the GEAY family for several generations. I am a great demanding woman who requires all the attention of the GEAY family. To grow and grow properly, I am brewed from park to park for more than 42 months, always looking for a site offering exceptional nutritional quality. Regularly brewed by the tides and cared for by the GEAY family, I benefit from a unique treatment to become the queen of the Specials.

Fleshy and crunchy, my assertive flavors coat the palate of gourmets giving them unforgettable pleasure. I release a wide and round length in the mouth, subtly sweet with hazelnut flavors.



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