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Honey from these flowers is strongly fragrant and one feels as if a     few drops of perfume may have been added. Make no mistake: it’s completely natural and the aroma is wonderful. The honey can add an interesting twist to all kinds of food & drink. Very rare, it is harvested once every 3 years as the flowers yield nectar erratically. It comes from an altitude of 8,000 feet. It is interesting to note that regional variations in soil conditions have given us options to present the honey in both forms- liquid and set.

With medicinal value, the Plectranthus plant is used against diabetes and a decoction of leaves used as a rejuvenating tonic.

Quality Parameters

Energy: 30 Cal/10g HMF: 2mg/kg
Moisture: 18.5% Diastase: 32
F/G ratio: 1.0 Sucrose: 2.6%

Weight 250 gms