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The honey is dark in color and has a flavor, which is entirely unique. Devout Muslims who consider it holy also consider the honey from these shrubs with the ability to reverse the aging process and enhance the libido. Presented in liquid form.

Meaning ‘Christ’s Thorn’ in Latin, this family of shrub is found in deserts of the Middle- East and the Thar Desert in the Indian sub-continent. The plant seems effective against melanoma cells due to the presence of butilinic acid- a growth inhibitor of cancer cells. Extract from the leaves is used to treat diabetes. Fruit is prescribed to improve liver function.


Quality Parameters

Energy: 38 Cal/10g HMF: 5mg/kg
Moisture: 18.5% Diastase: 30
F/G ratio: 1.3 Sucrose: 2.0%

Weight:   250 gms