Inspiration Strawberry Speciality 250g

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Valrhona Inspiration Strawberry Speciality 250g

Discover the Valrhona Strawberry Inspirations taste:
Major characteristic: candied fruit.
Minor note: strawberry.
The sweet candied notes of Strawberry Inspiration call to mind the joy of into a biscuit covered in fresh fruit jam.

Why we love this product:
The Strawberry Inspiration fruit couverture is a subtle blend of cocoa butter, sugar and strawberry. Strawberry Inspiration adds a new dimension to fruit-flavored recipes.

It was born out of a collaboration between Valrhona's R&D team and some of its customers, and their belief in their product was rewarded when Inspiration won the Grand Prize at the Sirha Innovation Awards 2017.

Best used for:
Perfect for baking and moulding.

Best paired with:
Coconut, Lemon, Spices, Nougat, Fresh mint, Orange blossom.

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