Crown Melon - 1 piece aprox. 1.5Kg


AED. 750.00

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The melon has beauty of artistic form, fragrance with the scent of musk, plenty of juice, mellow taste, and smooth texture, which is the high-grade melon cultivated in Fukuroi city of Shizuoka prefecture, called “Shizuoka Crown Melon”. “Shizuoka Crown Melon” is cultivated with sophisticated techniques of growers and grown absolutely in greenhouses. In other words, the ultimate taste of “Shizuoka Crown Melon” ,which was born by outstanding virtuosity of professionals, has been taken over from generation to generation.

The melon has been presented to Japanese royal family for a long time and recognized as an elegant and prestigious fruit in Japan. Many VIPs also love Crown Melon. When the queen of United Kingdom came to Japan and ate Crown Melon, we got words of praise.

Crown Melon is cultivated on the separated bed soil which enables melons to grow with a certain amount of soil separated from the ground.

Besides the separated bed soil, “One Tree, One Fruit” policy is a key to make high quality melons. Three fruits are once grown on one tree, and then carefully choose the one from the three so that all the nutrition concentrates on it.

The growers put all their efforts to grow melons with love as if they are raising their own children. Each melon has its character and none of them is the same.

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