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Kaltbach Emmentaler AOP

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Kaltbach Emmentaler has won many international awards including bronze and gold at the 2014 World Cheese Awards.

Aged for eighteen months in the high mountain canton, this Emmenthal has a strong spicy flavour with fewer holes than other versions. Almost a slightly wet, chewy density – it sometimes looks like little tears oozing out of the cheese (this is due to the warmer temperatures in which it is matured, activating bacteria in the marble-sized holes) – with a fine nutty texture. Perfect for eating as a table cheese in its most mature stages, but also ideal to use for fondue.

Country Switzerland
Age 10 month + 
Milk Cow
Fat 45%
Classification Semi-Hard
Strength Medium
Texture crumbly, crystalline and open
nutty, tangy
Aroma nutthy