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Kiwi de l'Adour - Red Label - piece

The Red Label Adour for Oscar® kiwis is the only quality designation recognized in France. It authenticates the superior quality of kiwifruit from the Adour region, both in terms of taste as well as the cultural and marketing aspects. Thanks to their exceptional quality, today, Adour kiwifruit are the only ones that have benefited from a Red Label designation since 1992. Melting in your mouth and juicier than other kiwifruit, Red Label Adour kiwifruit have two secrets: silty soils and a mild and temperate ocean climate. They can be enjoyed from December to May. Advantages:
Red Label designation
Harvested at maturity, Adour Red Label kiwifruit are sweeter.
Exclusivity: the only kiwi to have the Red Label designation is the Adour kiwi!

Sold per piece 
Sourced from France