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Maroilles Fermier au lait cru (1/2 Piece) - Limited Production

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The cheese of kings, from Philippe Auguste to Henri IV via Charles V, it is also the king of cheeses from the North! A cheese with a virile and powerful scent. As Curnonski said, the "vehement Maroilles, king of cheeses whose thunderous flavor resonates like the sound of the saxophone in the symphony of cheeses".
We find traces of this cheese, originally monastic, on old documents where it is stated that it takes four months to perfect a Maroilles. Despite many difficulties, the tradition has been able to endure: 4 months are therefore very necessary for a successful ripening at heart.
With the help of a family from Avesnois, we continue to offer a Maroilles farmhouse matured for around 100 days: it is a museum piece!

Ripened this way, it is truly a rare cheese! Only a hundred pieces per week ...


Farmer's cheese made from raw cow's milk - About 800g for a whole piece
28% fat in the finished product

Ingredients: Milk, rennet, salt, ferments, beer (gluten)

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