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Sometimes it is impossible for us to determine the exact source of the honey. For example: if there are flowers all round with no particular species dominating, and the sugar concentration more or less the same in all species, the bees will go to all and collect honey. This happens in peak season April- May in most forest areas of Himachal.

We often find hints of Clover, Eucalyptus, Himalayan Blackberry, Horsechestnut, and various mountainous herbs. Occasionally, this honey is found to have an F/G ratio of 1.15 or above, sometimes not. We therefore offer it both in liquid & set form depending on its F/G ratio. It comes from 4,000 feet ASL.


Quality Parameters

Energy: 32Cal/10g HMF: 5mg/kg
Moisture: 18.5% Diastase: 30
F/G ratio: 1.1 Sucrose: 1.9%

Weight 250 gms