Mussels from Bay of Saint Michel AOP - 1Kg

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Bouchot mussel from Bay of Mont Saint Michel are AOP. (Appelation d’Origine Controle).

Guaranteed Origin:
The AOP Labels, guarantees that the Bouchot mussel comes from the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and that it offers all the characteristics specific to this region. Grows on wooden poles in the sea so that it is out of reach of predators.

Guaranteed meat rate:
From the beginning of the season, often in July, to the end of the season in January-February, you are sure that the flesh will be generous, ample and appetizing.

Guaranteed checks:
You can be sure that rigorous and very frequent tasting controls are carried out to check the taste, texture, and presentation of the mussel.

Guaranteed Traceability:
You are sure of the provenance and the identity of the mussel farmer who harvested this exceptional product for you. The AOP necklace is its official seal.

Sourced from Mont Saint-Michel - France
Packed in 1 box of 1kg
Product is sealed inside a box


The mussels cooking time is very short, a few minutes are enough, until fully opened. Once cooked, remove those that remain closed.

The mussels are eaten within 48 hours of purchase. They can be stored in the crisper of the refrigerator outside of the plastic bag, wrapped in a damp cloth.

Once cooked and shelled, they can be stored for one to two days in a container placed in the refrigerator.

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