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Pear Quince - Coing _ 1kg

Also called Cydonie pear, quince is full of fragrance and surprises, like a hard flesh full of pectin under a soft brown down.

Cooked as a compote it usually reveals its full taste potential, such as an apple-quince, or quince-raspberry compote, or quince fruit jellies.

Similarly, the apple and quince crumble finely highlights its flavor by adding more to an arch-known classic ... very useful in case of small intestinal disorders frequent in winter!

Fried dumplings are also very popular, as in Great Britain.

It's a treat cooked with potatoes because this fruit has a little acidic taste!
Salted, to accompany your game or in couscous, or sweet as a fruity dessert, quince provides fiber and pectin without weighing down the meal.

It also enhances the finesse of foie gras, in chutney or simply poached with spices.

Sourced from France

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