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Reblochon Fermier 1/2 piece

It is to the Carthusians that we owe the clearing of the Comble du Reposoir, the cradle of Reblochon. Each year, the peasants brought in recognition "the cheese of devotion". The word Reblochon probably comes from “reblocher” (milk a second time). It’s one of the cheeses I’m most proud of. For me the dough must be homogeneous, not very firm, fairly flat (very thick cheeses are, in my opinion, less good), with a pink rind. This is the same and only sender-collector who has been sending it to me for 30 years. He therefore knows perfectly well my precise wishes for this cheese!

Raw cow's milk cheese - Between 450 to 580g for a whole piece
25% fat in the finished product

Ingredients: Surface coloring: iron oxide, lactic ferments, salt, rennet