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Salicorne, Samphire 250g

Salicorne, samphire, glasswort. pickleweed. salicornia.

The Salicorne,samphire,  is a halophilic plant, that grows on salty grounds, growing on the beaches and salt marshes of Western Europe, in particular in bay of Somme, in Brittany and Camargue. Very rich in iodine, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins, it is a food of choice which is harvested between May and August.

Juicy and aromatic, samphire, nicknamed sea pickle, can be enjoyed raw and plain as well as fried with a little butter, garlic and parsley as an accompaniment to your meat and fish dishes. It complements a mixed salad, an omelet or a pasta dish and, like the pickle, it can be used as a condiment and bring its salty flavors alongside a fish terrine.

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Sourced from France