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Sollies AOC Figs - 250g

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Discover the only fig AOC in France  from a small privileged soil located in the sunny Var, carefully harvested for centuries by local labour. (Provence - France)

The Solliès fig is a fresh fig with a diameter between 40 and 70 mm. Shaped like a crushed teardrop, it is purple to ribbed black. The fruit is dense, firm and supple. The receptacle is thin, pale green; the pulp is fleshy, and coloured as strawberry jam with many thin beige seeds. The nose is elegant, very intense and fruity with vegetal notes of watermelon, white melon, strawberry and other red fruits. The palate is full with characteristic tangy and sweet balance, crisp then slush, with intense vegetal aromas (rhubarb jam, watermelon), fruity (red fruits ) and flower notes.

Sourced from France


Imperfect but so sweet!