Strawberry Pink Awayuki - 250g punnet

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Awayuki strawberries are generally small to medium fruits, averaging 2 to 4 centimeters in diameter, and have a uniform appearance with broad, curved shoulders, gently sloping into a tapered, blunt tip.

The fruit’s skin is glossy, smooth, and textured, speckled with dark red seeds, and each strawberry is capped with a dark leafy green, flat top. Awayuki strawberries have a distinct coloring, often marketed as cherry-blossom pink, and bear light pink hues with subtle white undertones. Underneath the surface, the pink shades continue into the flesh, eventually transitioning into a white center. The flesh is fine-grained, tender, aqueous, and light with a crisp but soft, melting consistency.

Awayuki strawberries emit a robust fragrance filled with sweet and fruity notes, and the flesh contains moderate acidity mixed with a high sugar content, creating a candy-like sweetness and a subtly tangy, fruity taste.

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