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The honey has a golden color, lingering aroma and what most people would term as a pleasing taste reminiscent of the herb. It comes from a range of 10,000 to 12,000 feet ASL. We choose to present it to you in a liquid form. We recommend it with morning cereal and milk.

The juice of the leaves of Wild Thyme is used as a blood purifier, digestive, and an appetizer in local medicine. It is also used to get relief from body pain. Young flowers are taken to cure gum diseases and toothache. This species of Wild Thyme is peculiar only to the Himalayas and the honey is extremely difficult to harvest owing to the variations in climate, which is what makes it so rare.


Quality Parameters

Energy: 33 Cal/10g HMF: 4mg/kg
Moisture: 18.0% Diastase: 52
F/G ratio: 2.7% Sucrose: 2.7%

Weight 250 gms