XD Comte cheese aged 14 month AOP

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Monday to Saturday

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Each ComtĂ© cheese comes out of the cellar wrapped in a green or brown label indicating its quality. Cheeses graded between 15 to 20/20 will have a ‘ComtĂ© extra’ green label, and those graded from 12 to 15 will have a brown ComtĂ© label.  Naturally, Xavier David ComtĂ©s have a green label.


In order to receive the best ripening possible for our Comté Xavier David, our Cheese specialist spent hours in the cellars of the Fort Saint Antoine. He came to the conclusion that the ideal ripening process should last between 14 to 18 months. As a matter of fact, exceeding 18 months, the Comté changes, its flavour, its texture. It becomes a completely different product.