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Blood Oranges Sanguinelli - 1kg

Italian Sanguinelli blood oranges are medium to large in size, averaging 5-8 centimeters in diameter, and are round, ovate, to slightly asymmetrical in shape. The medium-thick, leathery, orange rind is often blushed with varied shades of red and bears many small oil glands across the surface creating a pebbled texture.
Underneath the outer layer of rind, there is a spongy white pith that connects to the orange-crimson flesh.
Depending on the climate that the fruit is grown in, the flesh can range in color from orange with just a few red spots or streaks to appearing fully saturated with a dark burgundy or brown hues. The flesh is also juicy, nearly seedless, and is divided into 8-10 segments by thin membranes.
Italian Sanguinelli blood oranges have an acidic, sweet-tart flavor with hints of cherry or raspberry.

Sold per 1kg
Sourced from Italy