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Personally selected Fine Foods products. We make sure they are adapted to our Gastronomes community. Then uploaded onto our gourmet foodstore for a perfect online shopping experience. Convenient Home delivery to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere in UAE. Responsive Customer Experience.

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Meat & Poultry

We carefully selected our products from different countries, looking to offer the best experience for fine food and meat lovers.


Fruit & Veg

Our seasonal fruits & vegetables are sourced mainly from Europe while respecting seasonality. We tend to select mature products only.


Fish & Seafood

We believe in sustainable fishing and the quality of wild seafood. All our products are ordered on demand and flown in twice a week.


Dairy & Cheese

It's not just cheese! It is the expression of a terroir through the expertise of producers, a bite is worth a 1000 words.
More than 100 cheeses!


Bakery & Pastry

Artisan bakeries made for Les Gastronomes were designed taking into perspective their consumption. Such as a Baguette Emmental Turkey & Beurre!


Premium Beverages

Quench your thirst in style. The pleasure of a refreshment amplifies when you match the right beverage with the right moment! It's about the timing and experience.



Why do you think a simple dish such as pasta always tastes better at an Italian restaurant? Match the right products a replicate a unique experience at home! Discover the Michelin Chef's Pasta!



There is always this occasion when you feel like sharing a home made Pizza with your friends and family. Ours is a Thursday night ritual (Movie & Pizza night), what is your favorite occasion?


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