Antipodes Sparkling - Box

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Box 12 x 1000ml
Box 24 x 500ml

Antipodes sparkling mineral water has a soft sparkling bead added, providing a subtle bead and palate texture. It has a brilliant shiny appearance with a high silver reflection.

ON THE NOSE: a gentle mineral suggestion.

ON THE PALATE: the immediate hit of the CO2 emphasises a more masculine expression than the still water. The CO2 in particular also shows off the minerality in the water – which remains gentle in texture, but with a slightly louder voice. If I had to suggest any other flavours it would be a citrus note, due to the high toned lift the water expresses. There is a definite more-ish quality in the sparkling water – the palate seeks another mouthful to continually refresh and revitalise the taste buds.

By Cameron Douglas MS.

Available in 500ml and 1000ml, solely in glass bottles.

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