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How to make your foie gras at Christmas?

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The holiday star is him: emblematic of the Southwest of France, foie gras is obtained by the force-feeding of geese or ducks. Already ready, it can be bought under vacuum or in jar... But the best thing is still to make it homemade. To succeed in foie gras according to the rules of the art, here are the key points to keep in mind before starting.

Duck or Goose?
Foie gras means liver: which liver to choose? You can order your foie gras online , it should look smooth, without hematoma and slightly pink. Duck or Goose, it's a personal preference: Duck foie gras is the most widespread and enjoyed by everyone, Goose foie gras is the most famous, it has a more refined taste, however its more scarce and hence more expensive. Unfortunately, it is very rare to find Goose foie gras in the UAE. 


Foie gras contains veins and it require a surgeon’s dexterity to devein a foie gras. Pro tip: start with the largest vein and use gloves and parchment paper to avoid putting them everywhere. To control the smooth taste and texture of foie gras, you must master this gesture. Deveining a foie gras requires it to be at room temperature.
Nowadays you can buy a deveined foie gras and not to have to develop these skills.


Foie gras are available in different grades, these grades were created in order to differentiate different foie gras qualities and allocate them to different cooking styles.


Subtle and delicate
Seasoning: pepper, salt, but also a little sugar. You can also use some white wine or port, spices, fruits...


Cooking is the way you want
While some swear by the bain-marie, others worship the microwave (yes). You can bring a probe and opt for a water bath. Don't panic if you don't have one, there are other (delicious) solutions. You can also opt for vacuum cooking.


Les Gastronomes Foie Gras Cooking Kit:
We love foie gras and we love making it. We developed our own recipe this year and has been very successful. While it is 100% halal and without alcohol, whoever used to swear by foie gras marinated with alcohol couldn’t notice the difference.
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