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How to cook Duck Magret?

Les Gastronomes

Prepare your Duck magret.

Place your duck fat side down - meat side up.
Remove/Cut silver skin, blood section as well as any apparent nerve. (do not dig into the flesh).
Trim any excess fat available around the meat. 
Turn your magnet around and score the fat in regular checkered manner (1 to 2 cm).  
Through this technique fat will render evenly and will form a nice brown crust. 
Season both sides of the magnet with salt & pepper.


Pre-heat your pan to medium heat. 
Pre-heat your oven 180 °C (th. 6)


Phase 1:

Put your magnet fat side to the pan, and allow for the fat to render during several minutes. 
As the fat renders out, transfer it out to a ball and reserve for later (you can cook some crispy potatoes).
Total cooking time shouldn't exceed 10 minutes.
Flip your Duck magret and sear it for 30 seconds.


Phase 2:

Transfer your magret into an oven pan fat facing up.
Cook it for another:
Saignant (medium rare): 10 minutes
Rose (medium): 12 minutes
A point (well-done): 15 minutes

Remove the duck from the oven, cover with All-foil and let it rest for 10 minutes. 


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Bon Appétit

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