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Ready To Bake Instructions

Michel Karkour

Christmas 2020 Ready to Bake Cooking Instructions: 

Note: The below are indicative information as cooking time varies depending on each bird and oven. We highly recommend that you keep a close eye on your bird while cooking it to ensure it is properly cooked to your liking.


Remove the bird from the fridge at least 1 hour before cooking it. This will allow the bird to get to room temperature and cook evenly, while keep it moist.

Pre-heat oven to ~200 degrees celcius for 15 minutes.

Take the capon, which has already been prepped, stuffed, placed in a cooking bag with chicken stock and placed inside a baking tray.

Put the above in the oven and cook for:
Capon: 90 minutes (30 min per kg) at 200 degrees celcius.
Guinea Fowl: 40 minutes (30 min per kg) at 200 degrees celcius.

Take the bird out of the oven, open the bag and remove the bird from the bag while placing it back into the cooking tray. 
Note: The bag will contain very hot air and humidity, kindly ensure you handle with care and leave all body parts away from the vapour which could emanate.

Once the bird is placed inside the cooking tray, add all the collected Jus to your Chicken Jus Provided separately. 

Baste the bird with the jus, and put back into the oven for another 15 minutes with the grill on the colour and crisp the skin.

To know if it is cooked, if you have a thermometer, you need 
temperature in the thigh to reach 76 degrees celcius (be careful when you insert the thermometer that you don’t touch bone, it will register hotter than the meat). otherwise pluge a knife into the thigh, on the joint, if cooked you will have clear water coming out.

When finished take the bird out of the oven, cover with foil and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes (or the time you serve starters). 



Take a big pot, fill it with water and bring the water up to a simmering hot temperature, not boiling water (bain-marie).

Note: Your sides have been packed in sous-vide bags, which means you can place them directly in hot water.

Ensure all bags are properly sealed (no holes). 
Pludge all bags containing your sides into the hot water, cover or put a plate on top to ensure they are submerged. 

Leave in the water for 30 minutes, if you leave there for more time there is no problem as long as bags are sealed. 

For special finish you can sautee your vegetables. with sum Butter. For potatoes you can add some butter or cream to get it to your preferred consistency. 

For the jus, if it is too liquide simmer in a pan for a few minutes and reduce.
If it is too thick add some hot water and simmer to make it more liquide. 

Once the bird is cooked and while resting, baste the skin with truffle butter, this will add flavour and smell to your capon.
You can add the Truffle Butter as well in your jus and incorporate into your potatoes. It will make your potatoes taste truffles.

Shave the Truffle while serving to transform this experience to a much more unique experience.


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