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Ready To Bake Instructions

Michel Karkour

Instructions on how to bake your christmas bird


Michel Karkour

HOW TO STORE FRESH TRUFFLES? To enjoy your fresh truffle for longer than 2 days we suggest:Wrapping each truffle in kitchen paper ...

How to Devein a Foie Gras?

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Step by Step Guide to Deveining Foie Gras   Have you been considering deveining foie gras at home? If so, make use of our step by step guide that will help the deveining process run as smoothly as, well, a hot knife through foie gras!    Ingredients Foie gras (between...

Homemade Foie Gras Terrine

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How to cook foie gras at home? Checkout our easy to make recipe which would delight your family and guests this season.