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“Angus” referrers to the name of a cattle that originates in Scotland with the famous “Aberdeen Angus”.  While Angus has been marketed as quality mark it has nothing to do with this. Angus breed has a tendency to produce very nice marbling which improves flavor, tenderness, and keeps meat moist while cooking.

Due to the devastating fire across Australia, our supply of Black Onyx Angus is limited and hence we are now offering you substitute selection of Angus. 

The above Table is indicative to help you select the Angus based on your preferences.

Our Angus beef selection:

Black Onyx Angus beef – 100% Black Angus – Marble 3+

Tender Valley Angus Beef - 100% Black Angus Marble 3+

Jack's Creek Angus Beef - 100% Black Angus Marble 2+