Chipolatas Sausage x4 pieces - for non-muslim

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Queen of barbecues, chipolata is a sausage about 2 cm in diameter and ranging in length from 15 to 20 cm. This charcuterie specialty is prepared with sausage meat. It can be plain or seasoned with herbs (thyme, sage, bay leaf).

So that the chipolata does not lose its juice and softness during cooking, be careful not to prick or pierce it.
Barbecue cooking, above embers, is undoubtedly the best way to cook chipolatas. The heat of the fire melts excess fat and makes the sausage more digestible. It is also possible to taste chipolata in pieces. To do this, cut it into sections and sauté it in the pan with vegetable sticks (carrot, zucchini, green beans...) for example.

Sold in a pack of 4 sausages - Frozen