Ostra Regal No.3 _ 12 pieces

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The Ostra Regal oyster stands out for its quality. Raised for 4 years in an extensive farm, this oyster is entirely produced by La Famille Boutrais and grows in the conch of Bannow Bay in Ireland. This bay is enclosed inland, having as only link to the sea a narrow mouth. By thus trapping the phytoplankton, the oyster benefits from all the nutrients necessary for its proper development.

Iodized and rocky attack, giving way to a powerful flavor, very algal at the end of the mouth. It is a crunchy and sweet oyster, with a slight nutty taste, making this product a real delicacy of the sea.

Its pearly shell encloses a fleshy oyster with immaculate white muscle contrasting with the dark ends of the mantle.

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