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Roquefort cheese has a moist, crumbly texture and a sharp, tangy, salty flavor. Its color is white to pale yellow, and it is marbled with the blue to blue-green mold that gives it its characteristic look and flavor. Roquefort cheese does not have a rind. Its flavors and aroma feature buttery, caramelly and smoky notes. If heated gently, Roquefort will melt, but high heat can cause it to separate. 

Roquefort cheese has DPO status, meaning that only cheeses from that specific geographical location can use the name Roquefort. Similar regulations apply to the fodder on which the sheep are fed and the caves in which the cheese is aged. The sheep, in turn, must be of the the Lacaune breed, which are native to the region.

Country France
Region Perigord
Age 3 months
Milk Sheep (Unpasteurized )
Fat 32.8%
Classification Blue
Strength Strong
Texture creamy and crumbly
salty, sharp, tangy
Aroma goaty