The Exclusive and Rare Gyokuro “Shizuku” 5g×8

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Ingredients: 100% Japanese Green tea

In the mountains of Narao in Shizuoka Prefecture, high above the clouds at an elevation of 650m, Gyokuro "SHIZUKU" is grown in fresh air and pure water. As seedlings, the tea plants are carefully covered so that they can grow protected from direct sunlight. Over a long period of time and through a tireless labor of love, these treasured tea leaves attain the highest level of rarity. Please enjoy their exquisitely soothing and deep umami taste.

The Exclusive and Rare Tea Collection
These Japanese green teas are cultivated by Mr.Mori. Teas are made from fresh tea leaves grown exclusively in the Narao region of Shizuoka, high up in the heavens at an altitude of 650m, and is also known as Honyama-cha. The geographic conditions in Narao make it the perfect area for cultivating high-quality tea leaves as the tea plants are provided with clean, fresh air in the high mountain summits. Every winter, the region is covered in crisp white snow which melts the following spring, again providing the natural and clean water for the tea plants. In this series, we have set out to raise the bar in tea leaf quality by ensuring every tea in the Exclusive and Rare Tea Collection is of single origin.

Brewing Guidelines (2 servings)
Tea leaves: 5g
Hot water: 50ml (feel free to adjust this amount to suit your tastes)
 Temperature: 40 ℃
Steeping time: 2 min

*For the 2nd and 3rd servings, please use water with a higher temperature than the 1st serving and steep for approximately 45 seconds

*The higher the temperature of the water, the more you will be able to taste the natural catechins/tannins. Tannins are organic compounds in tea that result in stronger brews with a more bitter taste.