Wild Hokkaido Scallops XXL - Sashimi Grade - 350g

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Immerse your senses in the exquisite flavors of our Wild Hokkaido Sea Scallops. Sourced from the pristine waters of Hokkaido, Japan, these delectable scallops are wild-caught and sustainably harvested, ensuring both the preservation of marine ecosystems and the highest quality seafood on your plate.

Indulge in the succulent texture and delicate sweetness that define these premium scallops. Each piece is carefully selected, hand-shucked, and flash-frozen to preserve their pristine freshness and natural flavors. With each bite, you'll experience a culinary delight that transports you to the pristine coastal waters of Hokkaido.

This product includes 4 to 6 generously sized scallops, offering you the perfect portion for a memorable seafood feast. Each pack weighs over 300g, providing an ample supply of these exquisite delicacies for your culinary creations.