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AB Organic Chicken

August 05, 2018

AB Organic Chicken



  • Organic chicken must:

    Grow in an organic structure from the 1st day
    Not to be slaughtered before a minimum of 81 days.
    Be fed on food made up of a minimum of 95% of agricultural ingredients produced under organic agriculture.
    Be able to move around freely in the open air on a grassy course.
    No use of antibiotic treatment.


    AB Certification

    The highest Organic Certification available to date.
    In France, organic certification was introduced in 1985. It has established a green-white logo of "AB - agriculture biologique." The certification for the AB label fulfills the EU regulations for organic food.
    French buyers and retailers often ask operators to label their products with AB trademark which refers to French organic products and is well known by French consumers.
    For more information vist AGENCIE BIO web site or contact directly Bioagricert.


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