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Pasta Organic

This is product stands out not because it is used by many Michelin Starred Chefs around the world. But because of the reasons why these pasta's stand out from all others. 

Many Secrets behind the "Elements" which makes it unique.

While the name "Monograno" tells the story of this unique single wheat, single mill that grinds it into flour. 
This pasta is coming from the field to your table with minimal processing, while preserving its distinctive natural qualities. Monograno has wheats Matt, Il Cappelli, Farro & Kamut: these superior wheat are different shades on a broad palette of sensory experiences. 

Sourced at more than a 1000 meters, the water used is pure and uncontaminated, just as it gushes to the surface. Streamed directly into the pasta factory directly from their exclusive spring. The crystal clear water is married to the organic wheat which it helps develop its character and soul 

The bronze dies of the pasta look like mechanical pieces of jewelry; they form and cut the pasta into a variety of shapes. The drying phase involves the most intangible, yet essential resource: the pristine, unpolluted air of the Dolomites, an invaluable ally that flows through rocks, forests and glaciers, capturing the very essence of the mountain.