Cheese Curler for Tete de Moine - Including cheese

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Cheese Curler for Tete de Moine with 1/2 Tete de Moine included. 

The tool is composed of a base, curling knofe and a Dome. 
The base is made out of wood with 5 pins included to stabilise the cheese.

Can be used with: Tête de Moine, P' Basque, Edam, smoked cheese, and chocolateSTABILITY: The board features 5 pins for an extra firm grip on the cheese

Tete de Moine cheese is being made since eight centuries. It is believed that the monks staying at Moutier the mountainous zone of the Bernese Jura in Canton of Bern  manufactured this cheese. And hence the cheese takes the name 'Tete de Moine' meaning 'Monk's Head'.

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